Day 8

Wednesday was planned for the ticket department. I got to put tickets in envelops, label them and organize them. The performance was the next day so I had to get a lot of tickets ready to go. This took me the whole morning and a little bit of the afternoon.

After that I filed away a lot of files in the filing cabinet (I used the word ‘file’ a lot in that sentence, oh my goodness). And that was all I had to do for the ticket department so I went back to the development department.

I cut a lot of sign-up forms with a paper cutter (which is very scary btw) the rest of the time and then went home.

on a non-related note:

This morning I got an email inviting me to attend an international MEP-conference in Athens. And I’m very very very excited to go. It will be next October and I just got an email from my school confirming that I am allowed to go. YAY. Another adventure awaits =D

Well that was all, tomorrow will be my last day!


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