Day 4 of Internship

Thursday the 26th of April

Today was the day of the Founder’s dinner. This dinner is organized before the premiere of every new performance. It is for all the big donors and board members of the ballet.

In the morning I got to work on the seating chart  again, adjusting little things and organizing all the placing cards for on the tables. The morning went by really quickly and before I knew it the caterers had arrived to start setting up.

The dinner was going to be on the stage, so all the tables had to be set up there. We had to haul a bunch of things on and off the stage, put the table numbers and the flowers on the tables and put all the name cards on the tables (following the seating chart).

And then it was already 5 pm, so Kate, Meghan and I greeted everyone at the door and gave them their name tag and placing card for the dinner. Everyone got a glass of wine and everyone was chatting. Then all the guests got to watch a rehearsal for the performance in one of the studio’s (I had to stand by the door and make sure no one took their wine glasses inside). I couldn’t sit in the studio myself, so I had to stand in the hall trying to see snippets of the rehearsal. Eventually I gave up and went to the stage to make sure everything was ready to go.

Katie (the event planner) had made a few last minute adjustments to the seating chart, because some people had showed up unannounced and others hadn’t shown up at all. Kate and I heard that we got to sit at one of the tables too, so after escorting people to their places we sat down at our table. The dinner was a lot of fun, I was seated next to two dancers so we got to talk a little. The food was really good and the company even better, I really enjoyed myself. Marcello Angelini (the artistic director) talked a little bit while we were all enjoying our desert and immediately afterwards Kate, Meghan and I went back to the door to say goodbye to everyone and make sure they dropped their name tag in the box and we got to talk to some other guests too while they were waiting for their husband or wife to come out.

While I was doing the last round through the building to pick up nametags who weren’t returned to us I ran into the one Dutch dancer that is with the company. It was a lot of fun to talk to him, and nice to finally speak a little bit of Dutch after two weeks of only speaking English.

Kate and I went home very happy after this event but also very tired. So we dropped on the couch and watched an episode of Queer Eye and then went to bed.

This was a lovely day, with a lot of walking around and making sure everything was perfect but in the end we got to enjoy an incredible dinner with incredible people so the hard work was all worth it.

Now on to Friday!


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