Day 1 of Internship

Today is my first day at Tulsa Ballet. I am an intern at the development department but I get to do some interdepartmental work too. Tulsa Ballet is a ballet company situated in Tulsa, they put up gorgeous ballet performances and have an education center for aspiring young dancers.

This morning we arrived early, around 8:45, so Kate could give me a tour of the building and i was able to settle in. After that I introduced myself to everyone in the office, to make a good first impression and to let them know that I could help out with any extra tasks they needed done. At 9:30 we had a meeting  with the development department, they talked about the upcoming events and things that were on the to-do lists for the upcoming week. Afterwards I got the ‘intern laptop’ that I can work on. I was also immediately given letters to fold and put into the matching envelops.

The rest of the morning I got to click on all the links on the website of Tulsa Ballet to check if they were all functional, which was a riveting task to do all morning. Luckily in the afternoon things picked up a bit because I got to work with the costuming department.

I made a lot of labels for the costuming department, both on the computer and written ones. I also reorganized costumes in two very big closets, and put a lot of costumes back where they belonged. It was a fun afternoon where I had to run around a bit and cut, write and stick a bunch of labels.

After this day I was very tired so I sat outside in the beautiful weather and watched Netflix for a while.

Now, on to tomorrow!



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