Ursuline Academy

Ursuline is a privite Catholic, all-girls school in Montgomery. It’s the school my cousin goes to and yesterday I got to visit it.

My day

Walking into this school you’ll definitely notice the uniforms that all these girls are wearing. Skirts of blue and green plaid and a dark green sweatshirt or poloshirt. The way they carry themselves is very different than in my school. Their faces are make-upless and their hair is up in a messy bun or ponytail. There is no pressure to look “good” in this school.

Claire (my cousin) has a so called ‘early bird’ class which is before any of the other official classes and start at 7:10 am. Every morning she starts with a nice statistics class.

Even though it is way too early in the morning, there are a lot of young girls sitting on the floors in the hallway making their homework or chatting. Claire explains to me that it is very common for them to come to school early even if they don’t have an ‘early bird’ class because this is a great time to work on group projects as most of them have clubs or sports after school.

The statistics class is an AP class. Which means that this class is already on college level and if you pass this class you don’t have to take it again at university. Because it is the end of the school year they are studying really hard for their final tests.

After statistics we went to homeroom, which is a short class where they take attendance and read out the announcements of the day. Following this class we had English, which was a lot of fun. This class was in an open classroom where there are no walls between the classroom and the hallway.

We had a free period afterwards and I was surprised at the amount of work we had done before 9 am. Claire and I sat on the floor of the hallway talking to her friends and eating oreoballs (who were sold for 1 dollar in front of the cafeteria and all the proceeds from the sales went to the bees)

The rest of the day was filled with chemistry, pre-calculus, health and scripture. There was no designated time for lunch so we ate during a short free period between classes. But a lot of girls just ate their lunch in class.

The atmosphere was a lot more relaxed than at my school even though the girls were all very busy with homework, tests, projects and papers. A lot of female empowerment was all over the walls and everyone there was accepted for who they are (no bullying or teasing).

The schedule

The schedule at ursuline is very different, the time is divided into 20 minute modules (or mods). Most classes are at least two mods long except for homeroom. You also have free mods which are your breaks. There are no designated times to eat lunch so most kids do it in class or during their free mods.

Their schedule repeats every six days. They have A, B, C, D, E and F days. They do this to make sure that if a lot of holidays fall on Mondays you are not constantly missing the same classes.

Even though you almost always have the same classes everyday, they are at different times, have different lengths and there are different people in the classes. You can also sit in a class with people from different grades.

This is a picture of a schedule at Ursuline

Well that was it and as the Americans say: peace out girl scout.


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