Airport adventure

I’m now sitting at my gate, just in time for boarding.

I had to do the security questions for delta before I even had my baggage checked, I did that and afterwards the man who had questioned me redirected me to gate D57(the farthest gate), so I wouldn’t have to go to D1 where the same check would be done. After eating a sandwich and grabbing Starbucks I left to gate D57 30 minutes before I had to be there because it was going to be a long walk for me (and I like to be on time) . But when I FINALLY arrived at my gate I realised that I was definitely at the wrong gate.

I checked my boarding pass I checked the screens with departures but on there they said I had to go to D1 (which wasn’t an actual gate just the security check ) . There was no information desk in sight so I started walking ALLLLL the way back to gate D1 to see if I could figure out which gate I had to go to. After hovering a little bit and trying to speak to the delta people standing in front of the very long line. I finally saw an information desk without a line, I think it was a priority passengers desk but I’m a rebel and I walked up anyway. After explaining I already had the check and I really wanted to board my flight on time I finally got directions to the right gate. The man behind that desk was really nice and I wish he had helped me at the first security desk.

So here I am standing in line to board with an almost empty water bottle, sweating after my looong hike up and down Schiphol Airport. I really can’t complain because everything went well in the end.


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